Zeta Talk

Zeta Talk is a detailed description of global Earth Changes, channeled by Nancy Leider. Specifically, it provides a list of consecutive events during the predicted passing of Planet X and the resulting effects upon our planet. Nancy’s description of these events is particularly compelling because it does detail sequential events on a global basis that can be followed by her audience. Not surprisingly, her audience is global in nature.

In the Earth Change messages channeled by Nancy the sequence of events leading to and precipitating a Pole Shift, is condensed thusly:

  1. There will be a tipping of the Indo-Australia Plate with Indonesia sinking.
  2. A folding Pacific allows South America to “roll”.
  3. A tearing of the South Atlantic Rift allowing Africa to “roll” and the floor of the Mediterranean to drop.
  4. Great quakes in Japan followed by the new Madrid adjustment.
  5. The New Madrid adjustment is almost instantly followed by the tearing of the North Atlantic Rift with a consequent European tsunami that inundates much of lowland Europe.

These changes have implications for other global locations and descriptions of these implications can be found at the Zeta Talk website. You are encouraged to read these predictions and see whether, or to what extent, they resonate with you.

Currently the continental plates are locked in their present position. According to Zeta Talk, the major lock is the Indo-Australian Plate which is subducting under the Himalayas. Once this lock is broken by the appearance of Planet X and the effects of its mass and gravity, a chain reaction is produced, allowing other plates to also move. Therefore a 7 of 10 Scenario has been offered by Zeta Talk and is graphically shown in the picture above.

Like Cayce and Scallion, Zeta Talk originally proposed an earlier manifestation of these events. Also like Cayce and Scallion, information provided by Zeta Talk appears to be presenting itself now with the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Japan.
Zeta Talk predicts additional events during the last weeks prior to the Pole Shift. These events include:

Nine days of severe wobble, 4.5 days of a lean to the left, 2.5 days progression toward three days of darkness, three days of darkness, six days of Sunrise West, 18 days of slowing rotation, and 5.9 days of rotation stoppage, prior to the Shift.
While SHTF America does not necessarily agree with certain political or social aspects of her commentary, or even the source of her information, we do believe Zeta Talk is a sobering message for all inhabitants of the Earth and one to which we all need to pay attention and keep an open mind.   

Zeta Talk information is provided without charge for our edification and can be located here .