Sunday, September 4, 2011

PSI Phenomena

Psychic phenomena is a natural phenomena. It is natural phenomena because Man is first a Spiritual Being, then a physical being. It is the Spirit that animates the body; not the other way around. That Spirit is the Spirit of Life.

As a species, Man has been encased in the flesh for so long now, that he has forgotten his beginnings in the image of God, and has come to identify himself as a human being, rather than a Spiritual Being. We have immersed ourselves in physical reality and this physical reality now dominates our existence here.

This immersion into the physical while neglecting the true nature of our existence is the root of our problems. It is the reason we do not recognize ourselves, and the reason that we perceive our psychic faculties as unusual or bizarre. It is why we mistake those individuals that demonstrate those attributes of the soul as “gifted”, when they are not. They have simply found their true self; their spiritual self.

The discovery of our true self gives us a new perspective as to what reality is, and what our priority here, on the earth, should be for the period of time we are here. Thus, Christ encouraged us to be in the world but not of the world, so that we might not lose our true identify and the source of our existence; while we have been admonished by the Apostle Paul, that we should not be conformed to this physical world, but transformed, through the renewing of our minds.

Mind is consciousness. Consciousness is spirit. It is generally understood that Man is a duality. It is not generally understood that we have separated ourselves from our true self by our immersion in the physical world.

 It is an indifference that Creation will not long suffer. Time is just about up.


Man as Spirit has spiritual faculties similar to our physical faculties. In fact, our five physical attributes of taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell are expressions of our spiritual attributes manifesting in the physical; and these physical attributes have their source in our spiritual bodies.

Remember, it is the spirit that animates the body, not the other way around. We possess these attributes in our Spirit, because this is the manner of our creation, and it is possible to experience these spiritual attributes in exciting and dynamic ways.

Spiritual vision is known as Clairvoyance. Spiritual vision manifests in three ways. It can be experienced, “intuitively” like telepathy, as a subtle recognition and awareness of your own thought processes, or it can be experienced in a much more dynamic way.

One of these dynamic ways changes your surroundings so that physical reality is blocked out. This can occur partially or totally, and the experience is akin to looking through a window into another reality. That other reality is filled with bright, luminous, vibrant, and translucent colors, objects, and entities; the shades and hues of which, we are only beginning to grasp in our physical world. Some are bright and awe inspiring; others not so much and dangerous.

Another way that spiritual vision can occur is through materialization, where your surroundings do not change, yet the window is there, and is penetrated from the other side into your dimension.
Intuitive telepathy takes the least amount of energy to manifest but requires a mind cognizant of itself, to separate your thoughts from the thoughts received by you. These thoughts may come from individuals here, or another Consciousness in another dimension. Science says that for this reality’s physics to work, there must be at least eleven dimensions. I am aware that scientists have mathematically proofed at least ten.

Spiritual hearing exists and manifests in the same way. The sound that you hear can be heard intuitively, like telepathy, or it may manifest as a change in the vibration around the ear(s) as your surroundings change. It too may be partial or total depending on the depth and intensity of the experience. Likewise, independent sound, or voice can manifest into your environment without affecting you personally.

Touch, taste and smell also have corresponding characteristics in consciousness.

Consequently when a person demonstrates a spiritual attribute such as spiritual hearing, or spiritual sight, then other people cast a mystical cloak over that individual as if there is something special about them. There is nothing special about them. There is something different.

That difference is the knowledge of, development of, and access to, their true spiritual self. On the other hand, these manifestations are looked upon skeptically, or explained away by lesser lights, who themselves, have no experience of their own Spirit to draw upon. Either way, there is a chasm of ignorance and indifference that must be bridged if Man is going to evolve his thought to a higher elevation, a higher vibration, and a higher frequency to reclaim his basic identity and express that identity on the earth as the Creator intended.

When the true nature of Man is again understood by Man, priorities in life, and society, will change. The institutions, organizations, and systems that have developed since Man’s advent upon the Earth will be transformed, and the hubris of materialism will be swept away by a New Consciousness.  

At the same time, individuals will understand themselves differently, because they will perceive themselves differently, and it is this difference that will allow them access to their spiritual faculties and extend their perceptions beyond time and space and matter.
Then the greedy who lust after power and money will not be so selfish and self absorbed. Welfare recipients who have maligned their own souls by generations of dependency will recognize the loss of their own capability because they have failed to take responsibility for themselves.


That New Consciousness will not come easily. It will not be ushered in by a “Golden Age” anticipated by the New Age Movement. On the contrary, Light will only pierce the Darkness when the depravity of this world consumes itself in a whirlwind of conflict and conflagration.

It is moving quickly in that direction and biblical prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes. Terence Mckenna in Timewave Zero has postulated an increasing intensity of events as we approach the End of Days.

The European Union has emerged from a ten nation confederacy as predicted in the Bible, and last week the leaders of Germany and France agreed to the formation of a European Economic Government. Most recently, the call has been heard for a United States of Europe, with a central government, to coordinate uniform political activity and monetary policy for Europe.  This development coincides with the Christian understanding of biblical prophecy for the Last Days, however long they last.

So it begins.