Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was an Italian Renaissance Man: a historical figure known for his painting, valued for his engineering skills, and admired for the depth and quality of his insight and skills. Da Vinci had an enquiring mind and explored ideas in art, engineering, mathematics, science, and philosophy. History records Da Vinci as the illegitimate son of a wealthy gentleman in Florence and his slave named Catrina, a middle-east beauty, born in the wee hours of the morning on April 15th 1452.  

He painted the Mona Lisa, and The Last Supper, both religious icons that are as valued today, more than 500 years after their creation, as they were then. His art is timeless, perhaps because his vision was timeless too. Da Vinci envisioned manned flight by hang glider, tank warfare, finned mortar shells or cruise missiles, helicopters, hydraulic pumps, submarines, an eighty foot cross bow for war, and suspension bridges.

He was a prodigious thinker, writer, designer, engineer, and visionary. Some of those ideas must have come from dreams and visions of the future as Leonardo did describe future events, including the ability of men to speak to each other at long distances and travel in large machines.

Most telling, and for the purposes of this site, Da Vinci  predicted a pole shift  when men would exchange hemispheres, land underwater would emerge, land above water would submerge, weather patterns would reverse between Europe and North Africa, darkness would emerge from the east, and the seas would rollover the hills.

According to the Vatican whose scientists have studied the Da Vinci material and archives from the French National Museum, Da Vinci predicted that the world would end on November 1, 4006; covered by water.

That is an interesting date as 4,000 years corresponds to a 4,000 year cycle SHTF America first saw identified by Timewave Zero discoverer, and visionary, Terence McKenna within the larger expanse of the 26,000 year, Mayan Galactic Cycle: food for thought we think.

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