My name is Drake Pendragon. This is the name that the Lord has given me. I have been out of the body and in the spirit and have seen the Lord face to face. Jesus Christ is real and died for our sins. The doctrine of Vicarious Atonement is true. That Vicarious Atonement was revealed to me by spiritual and physical experience. You can read about it here if you want.

Christ is the Living Word of God with all power and authority in heaven and on earth. Whether you believe me or not makes no difference to me. I have reported the Truth to you as I know it and as it has been revealed to me. My responsibility to that Truth has been fulfilled by my witness. You are responsible for your own soul and the life you manifest, even as I am. The testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy.

As a kid I was more interested in sports than scholarship, but my studies came easily to me when I applied myself; which was not very often to be truthful. I was lazy. I grew up in a small town where most people knew each other, or had at least heard of each other, so no one was ever a stranger. I was a bit of a delinquent after my parents divorced but nothing like the delinquents of today. In my time, walking on a curb or cutting across the grass seemed like a felony.

In 9th grade my Geography teacher noticed that I would only do just enough to pass, getting a “B” during one six week period, failing the next two six week periods and getting a “B” or better on the final, multiple choice exam. I thought it was a good strategy. It worked pretty well for the first 5, six week periods during the school year, and I thought it was working pretty well for that last six week period; until the final exam.

My Geography teacher tricked me! Instead of a multiple choice exam I could ace, he chose to require an Essay Exam that was subjectively graded. It was impossible to get that A or B with him grading it.  He gave me a “C”, which meant that I would have to repeat the ninth grade unless I did a paper for extra credit; then he would raise the grade to a “B” The paper? A 300 word essay on Buddhism!

What in  the Hell was Buddhism? 

Fortunately we had one of those Andrew Carnie Libraries in our town. It was small but opulent, and it had a selection on just about everything it seemed to me including, religion and philosophy. How curious. This was my first real introduction to religious thought and philosophical ideas that were other than Christian. They piqued my interest and I believed that these ideas merited my further investigation, after I completed a 3,000 word essay on Buddhism. That’s right I wrote 3,000 words on the subject instead of the 300 words required.

I read them all: Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism, Islam, and a couple others I can’t remember now, but Zoasterism rings a bell. Then there were books on Nostradamus and Cayce. Far out man, this stuff was wild and much more interesting than the lectures at the First Presbyterian Church, which just didn’t seem to connect with the Christianity of the Bible.

My mother was a Cub Scout Leader, Girl Scout Leader, 4-H Leader, President of the local PTA, and a Sunday School Teacher so I had lots of exposure to Christian thought, including my personal reading of the Bible, and Bible based books, like Heroes of The Bible. The information I read about Christianity just didn’t connect with the info I got in church from the pastor’s lectures.

It was then that I remembered the story my mother told about my older brother, who nearly died as a baby from whopping cough. Those were the days before antibiotics so there was only limited help from a doctor in those days. My brother grew worse and worse and close to death. The doctors said there was nothing they could do. In desperation, my grandmother on my father’s side suggested that my mother take the baby to a healer.

My mom and my aunt went to see this woman, Amelia, who was known as a faith healer, by the laying on of hands, and took my brother with them. The woman took my brother from my mother and sat in her rocking chair singing hymns and praying over my brother. Finally he quit coughing and fell asleep. Amelia told my mother to take the baby home, put the child in his crib and not to go near him all night. My mother did as she was told, but was afraid that she would have a dead baby in the morning. My brother was sleeping so my mom had a chance to get some sleep too.

She slept long and hard as she was exhausted from the week’s long ordeal. She awoke suddenly and ran to the bedroom where my brother lay, expecting a dead baby. My brother was alive, happy and smiling, with no trace of sickness. It could only be described as a miracle. My mother took my brother back to the doctor for his next scheduled visit and the doctor was amazed to say the least. He lived to the age of 48 when he was killed by cancer
I decided at 14 that I needed to see this unusual woman. She was a Spiritualist medium, a Reader and spiritual advisor, but by now, alternative ideas, even wacky alternative ideas, were no match for results. I had to meet this woman so I asked my mother to make an appointment for me and I went to her church for a personal reading one Wednesday afternoon. It was a Wednesday afternoon that changed my life. 

She was the most amazing person that I had ever met, and the most amazing person I have ever met. She astonished me with her ability to see deep into my heart and tell me things only I knew. She told me about my future and things that she told me then, so many years, ago, still come to pass today. She was a rare individual. And still is, as her consciousness survives her physical form and her advice is as sound as ever.

I attended her church every Wednesday and Sunday after that for four years, listening to her lectures and watching her demonstrations of a gift so rare, I have never seen anyone exhibit the likes of it in all my life. Her midweek service on Wednesday night was “message night”, meaning she would demonstrate the gifts of the spirit by giving each and every soul in attendance a personal message, or mini reading. Not the 3-hour long period of time that she gave me during my personal reading, but a minute or two with each individual, moving back and forth along the rows, taking each in turn, and giving each person a message directed and tailored to the essence of that individual. 

The Rule was that after you had your message you could leave and many did as there were always people waiting to take your seat if you got up. There were 40 chairs in her little church and on Wednesday nights they were always full with people waiting to get in.

Clever as I was, she always outsmarted me. When I would come early and take a seat in the front, she would start in the back. If I sat in the back she would start in the front. I always came early and I was always the last to receive that personal message, whether there were 40 or 60 people in attendance; and whether it took two hours or three hours or more to reach everyone.

To one she would encourage, to another she might scold, but always her message was on target as she moved up and down and across the rows revealing the reality of the heart and mind and life to which she addressed herself. She was tactful and delightful and even if she gave you a verbal whuppin’ she did it with a velvet tongue and gave direction and inspiration to do better.

At the age of 17 while a senior in high school I asked her if I could attend her Monday night class. Normally that is not acceptable unless you are 18 but as she knew me since I was a baby and knew my mother, she agreed and I began to attend her spiritual development class. I studied with her for one year and began to experience the spiritual experiences that I desired that I might know myself and the world around me.

I had my first independent psychic experience at seventeen. By the time I was 22 I had experienced every known psychic phenomena including direct voice, physical manifestation, and physical healing. I will share that physical healing with you here, the others going forward:

I had returned from Viet Nam and was working in the steel mills of the Midwest. I developed a pain in my lower back that was very painful and made me uncomfortable all the time. I went to the doctor, he referred me to nuclear medicine, and it was discovered that I had gall stones. Anyone with gall stones can tell you how painful they can be. The doctor wanted to operate. I wanted a second opinion.

I went to Amelia, explained my condition, and told her I didn’t have time for an operation; recovery would take weeks, and I had way too much to do now that I was back in the world. She laughed and the twinkle in her periwinkle blue eyes shone brightly. She looked deep into my soul with those penetrating blue eyes that were as clear as crystal and as deep as Lake Michigan. She laughed again and said, “Go home and say your prayers tonight before you go to sleep and we’ll see what happens. See?" She always said “See?" to make sure you understood.

That night I went home full of pressure, pain, and discomfort from the gall stones, and said my prayers before I went to sleep. Very early in the morning I awoke. I mean wide awake in the wee hours of the morning. I was totally alert, not drowsy, and all of my senses were firing. I knew I was not alone. I said, “Is that you Lord?” 

With that question out of my mouth, bang! It was like the sound of a giant thumb and fore finger snapping, like when a person snaps their fingers. The giant snap was audible and loud and it shot through me like a bullet! In an instant all of the pain, pressure and discomfort were gone, and I fell right back to sleep. I have never had that gall bladder operation and I have never felt the pain again. That was almost 40 years, and many experiences in the Spirit, ago.

But enough about me, you want to know about Earth Changes. I have had visions similar to those presented here; some of mine are different, yet add to the body of evidence witnessed by those mentioned here. I am not a prophet: just another witness.

To those things physical already mentioned on this site, let me add the following, which I have seen:

During the Pole Shift which is coming, the earth itself will tilt about thirty degrees or more by perception, to the right, if you are looking at the western hemisphere from space, dead on, from the equator. The peninsula upon which Nome, Alaska sits will be located at the “top” of the world like an “E” lying upon its back.

All of the water in the world will rush from the southwest to the northeast, meaning, all of the coast lines of the world in the eastern pacific and the eastern Atlantic, will be impacted in this way. Low lying lands will be inundated. New land will rise, new mountains will pierce the sea, and new mountains will form on dry land in some places where they do not now exist.

In particular, new land and new mountains will rise south and west of Chile and Argentina, with a new strait on the lower southwest side of the continent as foretold by Cayce. This I too have seen.

New mountains will rise in Southwest Texas. I have named them the Blue Moon Mountains. Let’s see if it sticks.

South Africa will be inundated by water and much of the lower lying area of that nation will remain submerged. Save your Krugerrands. They won’t be making any more of them after the Shift. The mountains at the bottom of the continent in that nation will become an island. If you flee there during the Shift, bring a boat to get off, or plan on staying there for awhile.

The ice caps will continue to melt and this melt may be accelerated by EMP or other natural forces. The Arctic will melt and this water will flood the interior of Canada. If you live in Canada, migrate to the east or interior west along the Rocky Mountains. The Great Plains will be under water.

Hawaii will be inundated with the Shift and swept clean. If you live in Hawaii you can run but you cannot hide. Hawaii will be swept clean. And if Hawaii, all other islands in the Pacific as well.

Southern California will be inundated. Get above 5,000 feet. The ocean will eventually settle about half way up the mountain at Palm Springs. Eventually the day will come when a new suspension bridge, like and of the form of the Golden Gate Bridge, will be built across the mountain divide and seaway. Please name this bridge after me. No one else has ever mentioned it. It’s MY Bridge. Put a monument and a plaque on it, at both ends, to commemorate this prophecy. If nothing else it will give food for thought to those who read it. Seeds are a marvelous thing. Thank you.

If you live in Tucson Arizona, get above 1800 feet. If you live in Phoenix get above 1500 feet as the Pacific will reach Arizona and lap at the base of the Superstition Mountains. The whole of Metro Phoenix will be underwater. Anyone suggesting that Phoenix will be a major seaport will be launching their skiff from the mountains to the north, northeast, and northwest.

The predictions of those annotated upon this site have all missed their initial timeline, but these Changes are beginning to manifest, if only 10 to 15 years late. Forgivable, I think, considering the portent. With this in mind, let me be very specific about a particular event. If it doesn’t happen as predicted, I am in good company. If it does I can take no credit for it, even a blind chicken can find some corn.

Earth Changes are in progress. Progress is slow. Changes in North America will begin in earnest on May 24th 2015 at 4:02 pm, Pacific Time.  The epicenter will be Temecula California. LA will be destroyed. That’s pretty damn specific wouldn’t you say? Plan accordingly.

When the Earth finally shifts; when the Great and Terrible Day of The Lord arrives, " ...there will be six million people left in California and there will be six million people left in London... " This was the word of the Lord to me.

When the SHTF in America don’t say we didn’t warn you. It is coming. It’s only a question of time, and Time is the protocol by which God catalogs eternity.