Gordon Michael Scallion has predicted dramatic future Earth Changes, including a Pole Shift, and he published a map of these Changes to the United States in 1982. He has subsequently added additional changes to the original, and republished the map twice: the last time in 2002. If you buy one make sure you get the latest update. Whether it is included with the monthly subscription, is not known .

Like Cayce, Nostradamus, and Zeta Talk, the predictions he made for the turn of the millennium in 2000 did not occur, however, tectonic activity associated with his predictions now appear to be manifesting in the Earth.

In particular, Scallion predicted that three major breaks will eventually occur in the Western United States, destroying and submerging San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. By the time the third break up occurs, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle, and many other cities and towns have been inundated by the in-rushing Pacific, with various mountain ranges becoming islands in the new land / water configuration.

He has predicted that Tucson and Phoenix will be major seaports and that the third break will cut through the Rockies to open a channel to Denver, allowing it to become a port as well. He also predicts that considerable land along the eastern seaboard will inundated, and that the Mississippi River widens appreciably, dividing the United States in two, creating  an inland sea between the parts
Scallion's psychic gift presented itself after an illness in 1979 and he has had visions since then. For additional information about Gordon Michael Scallion and his predictions, his website can be located (here).
A study of the similarites of the visions of these modern seers suggest that they are tapping into a related source. A study of the dissimularities between their description of the coming Earth Changes suggest that perception is an individual process, even if that perception is clairvoyance.